Performing arts


Ayr State High School offers a vibrant and inclusive Performing Arts Program including instrumental, vocal, drama and musical opportunities.

All students enrolled at the school are encouraged to participate within the programs, which encompass many standards, genres and musical styles.

Instrumental music

Ayr State High School offers Instrumental Music tutoring within the Percussion, Woodwind and Brass families. Students who have reached an intermediate level on their chosen instrument are required to participate within the Concert Band.

Concert band

Concert Band rehearsals are held Mondays at 3.15 pm in the music room. This ensemble plays a wide range of repertoire including Film Scores and Program Music.

Jazz ensemble 

‘Jazz-E’ rehearse Friday mornings at 8.00 am in the music room, and performs a range of swing, rock, modern day and Latin styles. Participation in this ensemble is by audition.

Performance opportunities for both these ensembles may include:  

  • Ayr State High School Induction Ceremony

  • Ayr State High School ANZAC Day Ceremony

  • Burdekin Eisteddfod

  • Music Camp

  • Music Workshop at Primary Schools

  • Cultural Awards Night

  • Other school functions

Vocal music

The Ayr State High School Choir is a great way for students to get involved with Vocal Music, and be a part of the Performing Arts Extra – Curricular Program. Students are auditioned by attendance, if they show up to weekly rehearsals they are in. The ensemble caters to all musical tastes from Pop to more traditional pieces, and is a great way for students to find their voice in a fun and safe environment.

Choir rehearsals will be held both Wednesday and Friday 1st break in the music room.

Drama festival

The Drama Festival is an annual event which allows students to showcase their dramatic skills with other local High Schools, and the wider Burdekin Community. Students participate in the event by performing a student written play at the Burdekin Theatre, with awards presented on the night for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and the Director’s Award.

In 2015 Ayr State High School introduced a Junior Drama Festival, due to the large number of students who wanted to participate in the event.

Expressions of interest for this event will be taken shortly after the beginning of each new school year, and all students are encouraged to participate in the Drama Festival.

Musical Ayr State High School partners the Performing and Creative Arts to showcase student talent in our School Musicals, biannually. Whole School Musicals are announced shortly after the commencement of a Musical year, with expressions of interest being taken soon after. All students are encouraged to participate within the school musical with opportunities for all interests, such as creative construction of sets and art work, performing onstage either as a lead, chorus or dance member and backstage roles.

Ayr State High School is proud to offer this opportunity to all of our students. Present and past Musicals include:

2021 - Rock of Ages:  High School Edition

2018 – Popstars

2016 – Grease

2014 – Peter Pan

2012 – The Great Australian Rock Musical

2010 – Back to the 80s: The Totally Awesome Musical

Last reviewed 16 September 2021
Last updated 16 September 2021