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Three full houses, two standing ovations and three encores; Grease may be the word, but Ayr SHS is the word for the Burdekin.  Months of preparation culminated into a five season show of Grease, the school edition.  Over 100 of our most talented students spent months rehearsing, painting, constructing, designing and organising the whole school event.  Theatre week began on Friday 29 July when our set and costumes were moved into the theatre. What followed were three days, of long hours, rehearsing every element of the show. We began with repositioning ourselves onto the theatre stage for each song, as well as taking the actors through which side of the stage they needed to enter and exit, and which wing to use. We then had specific numbers we needed to coordinate in order to see the full effect; including a full four hour session on the song Grease Lightning. It was also time for the backstage crew to coordinate moving the set, practice using the curtains and co-ordinating the props, adjusting lights and audio as well as the band leading cues. It is safe to say that by the time Wednesday night’s dress rehearsal rolled around, the students were buzzed with excitement over the opening show the next day. Although the students were not in classes for the week, every single one of them learnt from their time in the theatre. Whether it was about how a theatre works, or gaining a new skill in stage production, even more important, students learnt about themselves during the week and grew individuals by developing confidence, working with people they hadn’t worked with before and working as a team, to achieve a common goal. This year, 260 students with 90% attendance and above were invited to watch our first performance, to share the excitement and pride a school musical brings, the Ayr SHS audience was the best audience of the season. We hope all audiences enjoyed the shows, the students improved as the season progressed. We hope all students who participated created memories to last a life time.